Eggs and Hash – Camping Style

So we decided to take a short camping trip to Angeles National Forest last week. I was mostly excited to cook in the primitive conditions. Breakfast was one of my favorite meals to make, while camping. This is a quick, simple and fun way to make eggs and corned beef hash.

All you need is a can of corned beef hash (Hormel makes a good one) and some eggs. We got the aluminum “to-go” containers (with lids) at Target. Such an awesome camping accessory, considering they are thin, so foods cook quicker and they are also disposable.

Put all of your ingredients in the tins.

photo (1)



Add the salt and pepper.

Cover the tins with lids and place them on the fire.

photo (2)


Sit back and enjoy the scenery for about 10 minutes.

photo (5)


Take off the lid and stir the hash, so it gets crispy all over. Replace the lids and enjoy the scenery for 10 more minutes.

photo (4)


Remove from fire (carefully). VOILA! Dig in and enjoy!!

photo (6)

photo (3).