What I Do

I have been on a kick, recreating and adjusting every day recipes and long time favorites, to better match all sorts of culinary restrictions. Since I have no choice BUT to be gluten-free, I have been pouring my days into innovating gluten-free recipes to my favorite gluten filled dishes. I would love to hear from you about which dishes you wish could be reinvented, to match your culinary lifestyle.

One of my favorite recipes to recreate, so far, has been Shepherd’s Pie. The Clean Eating Shepherd’s Pie has been my pride and joy, and really what kicked off my passion for innovating old time favorites to every day gluilt-free eats. When eating “clean” you can’t have the traditionally hearty foods (such as Shepherd’s Pie), without arranging a “cheat day” in advance. I have finally come up with this guilt-free recipe that tastes just as good as it looks!! I welcome your challenge, and hope to hear about some of your favorite “forbidden” dishes that you would love to see recreated.

IMG_4174 (2).