Sea Buckthorn Jam

Although it is rarely used in the States, Sea Buckthorn is very popular in Europe. I bought frozen Buckthorn berries at my local Russian market and decided to make a nice jam with them.

Sea Buckthorn Berries


10 oz package of frozen Sea Buckthorn berries

2 sweet apples (I used Honey Crisps)

1 1/2 Cups water

1 Cups Sugar

2 Tablespoons Agave syrup



Peel and chop apples into 1 inch cubes.

Sea Buckthorn Chopped Apples

Add berries, apples and water to pot.

Sea Buckthorn Apples pot

Cook the apples and berries for about 15 minutes, until the apples are cooked through.

Transfer the mixture to a blender and liquefy the ingredients.

Once the mixture is liquid, transfer back to pot and add the sugar and agave syrup.

Sea Buckthorn post blender

Boil the mixture for 25-30 minutes (stirring frequently).

Spoon jam into a sterilized jar and tighten the lid immediately.

Sea Buckthorn jar


Serving suggestions: spread on crackers, cheese or fruit; top french toast; use as filling for macaroons.

Sea Buckthorn crackers2.

  • N. Lashman

    Thank you for the recipe. It’s my favorite fruit and I would like to share some information about it. Sea buckthorn is known as nature’s most balanced fruit. This “Holy Fruit of the Himalayas” has been cherished by native Tibetans for centuries for its incredible nutritive qualities. The Seabuckthorn fruit is also known throughtout the world as Sandthorn, Sandorn, and the “Wonder Berry”. Consider seabuckthorn’s nutritional profile: Seabuckthorn contains more than 190 biologically active compounds and with its full range of omega fatty acids in perfect balance. Seabuckthorn contains more than 60 antioxidants and high ORAC value. The fruit of SEABUCKTHORN is very rich in vitamin C (300-1600 mg/100 g), which is 4 – l00 times higher than any vegetable and fruit.